5 Best Breastfeeding Positions

Breastfeeding – the very mention of the term might send mothers into confusion as to how and where to start. Believe us when we say this, it’s natural but it also takes time for you to understand how and what position is best for you and your baby.
A lot of time, practice and error will lead to you completely comprehending the beauty of breastfeeding and you will be happier at the end of it all. Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test is here to help you about how to make breastfeeding a less daunting task without having to look for a pregnancy guide.



Mother’s give this position their very first preference as it is easier for them to understand what their baby is doing while latching. It is also one of the basic positions that mom’s prefer to use in public as it is easy and comfortable. To use this position, bring your baby across, tummy to tummy while your right arm supports his head and left arm your breast. A good way to add comfort is to utilize a breastfeeding pillow to ease the weight.



The cradle position is mostly similar to the cross cradle position. The only difference being that your right hand will be supporting your baby when they are breastfeeding. This position is a popular choice in the initial few weeks where you’re still trying to get a hang of the beauty of motherhood.



This position is often called the clutch hold due to the type of placement you make. As the name suggests, in this position you cradle your baby or tuck him under your arm to the side like football while supporting your breast with the other arm. This position is great for c-section moms as there is less rubbing on the incision. A pillow adds to the comfort as well.


Perhaps a less preferred position but a relaxing one for sure, this position should be attempted while in bed. Lie down on your side while your baby faces you. Your baby will nurse from the breast that is on the bed. The benefit here is that moms get a break from holding their baby and it helps with c-section moms as well.



This position needs a bit of work from the mother’s end but eventually is great to practice. Have your baby sit upright on your lap, support your baby with your arm while your baby is feeding and support your breast with the other. This position is closely related to the football hold as well.
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