7 New Mommy Mistakes That are Okay to Make

The best part of a woman’s life is when her little one enters this world and she becomes more than a woman – she becomes a mom. But ever so often mommies end up committing blunders that they many, including themselves, believe they shouldn’t. We at Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test kit are here to say that it is FINE to make these mistakes.

No pregnancy guide will tell you that you are wrong because everyone makes a mistake when it’s their first time being the best mommy in the world.


New mothers tend to get carried away with buying everything that’s available on this planet for their baby. From bottle warmers to 10 extra pacifiers and more. From the moment they look up a baby calendar, they begin a buying spree – this is fine because you never know when that extra pram might come in handy.


You are done with the pregnancy tips, the pregnancy diet and now you have your little one with you. Now the worrying starts – from checking their temperature ten times a day to calling the paediatrician every second, new mommies worry – this is fine because your motherly instincts are kicking in and it’s a good sign.


One ear in your bedroom and the other ear on your baby monitor. A new mommy is ready to jump up at the slight whimper from their baby. This is fine – it is one of the foremost steps of understanding why your baby cries and what makes them comfortable.


A new mommy never wants their baby out of their sight. They want the baby to be sticking to them always and never want to share. This is fine – after all he/she is ‘YOUR’ baby and you have all the right to be a bit sticky to them. Also babies love the attention.


You are bound to have countless diaper disaster. Forgetting to pack extras, putting them on backwards etc. This will happen and this is fine – Practice makes perfect and it’s okay to goof up. You weren’t born changing diapers – you were wearing them.


Every mom tries their level best to get their babies out of the habit of using pacifiers and this can be a hard task. They feel that this is their life’s duty. This is fine – No one is judging you because you are trying to be the perfect mom and it takes time.


Every mother starts of thinking that they are doing everything wrong. Putting on diapers, feeding your baby, buying toys etc – everything is a potential mistake to happen. This is fine once again because you are bound to make mistakes. It is from these mistakes that you will become the perfect mommy.

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