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The Advanced Way to Test Pregnancy

Prega News Advance is a Single-Step Pregnancy Test that's as reliable as Prega News, just more convenient. It is perfect for when you want quick results, without the mess, at home or on the go. With an absorbent tip at one end and an in-built thumb grip on the other, it is specifically designed to simplify the testing process. The reason why we call it Prega News Advance.

Easy to Use

Because it doesn’t require a dropper and, frankly, a detailed instruction manual.


Since you can urinate directly on the absorbent tip of the device, you don’t need to go on a hunt for a container.

Why is Prega News Advance So Advanced?

Rapid Results

Stands true to its name by showing accurate results within 3 minutes. Yes, just 3 minutes!

Easy to Read Results

See the pink lines magically appear in the result window and read your results.

Prega News Advance User Manual

Take out the Prega News Advance test device from the foil pouch just before starting the test.

Remove the cap and hold the device with the exposed absorbent tip pointing towards the urine stream for at least 10 seconds.
(Take care not to urinate on the test and control window.)

Remove the device from the urine stream and immediately cover the absorbent tip with the cap.

Keep the device on a flat surface with the result window facing upwards. Check the results within 3 minutes.

Learn from the expert

Let this video explain the whole process in detail.

Reading the Results

If you get two pink lines, you are pregnant.

If you get one pink line on C, you are not pregnant.

If you get one pink line on T, result is invalid.

If you get no line the test is invalid.