Early Sign of Pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy to look out for Final

For the world, pregnancy starts with a positive result on a , but for a mother, it starts way before that. The most obvious signs like morning sickness and nausea don’t show up until 7-8 weeks. However, there are few signs that are as accurate but go unnoticed by most of the expecting mothers.

So, we have made a list of early pregnancy symptoms that may act as your wake up call to take a pregnancy test.

  1. Sore Breasts

Do you notice a difference in your breasts?

The difference can be as slight as a bit of tenderness or a full-blown ache in certain areas. Your breasts are the first to get affected by the rage of hormones. So, if you have been experiencing some discomfort, then it may be time to get a test done.

  1. Frequent trips to the bathroom

Waking up in the middle of the night to answer nature’s call is annoying, and so is lining up to use the office washroom once every hour.

Your kidneys have to process more urine during pregnancy, which leads to this situation. But, don’t cut back on your fluid intake as your body also needs to retain enough water.

  1. Heightened sense of smell

You used to love a particular food and now, even the smell of it makes you queasy. A lot of women find their olfactory senses heightened during their pregnancy, which leads to new likes and dislikes. But don’t worry, this phase usually ends as you enter your second trimester.

  1. Fatigue

Feeling exhausted all the time is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. As your body is high on progesterone at the moment, it is normal for you to feel wiped out all the time.

  1. Mood swings

The hormones that make you moody during your monthly periods are going to play a major part in your pregnancy as well. So, you can well expect to get moody and cranky during this time. Plus, fatigue and hunger will only make it worse. Therefore, find time to eat and rest at regular intervals.

  1. Spotting and cramping

For women, spots of blood usually mean menstrual period. But, if it’s well ahead of its expected time, it can be implantation blood as well. When a fertilised egg gets attached to the uterus, it leads to a brief session of bleeding, which when coupled with cramping, resembles the onset of menstrual periods.

These were the early signs of pregnancy that you should be on the lookout for. If you are experiencing some or all of the signs, then take a Early Sign of Pregnancy today and be sure.

symptoms Of Pregnancy

Things to know before the baby arrives

Checking your due date calendar and watching a little seed grow in your tummy is purely magical. With every heartbeat, you develop a bond, unfathomable to others. However, nine months later, when your bundle of joy is in your arms, it suddenly strikes you that you don’t know anything about this tiny human being.

That is an inconvenient position to be in. Fret not, we are here to ease you into the brand new world of motherhood.Your baby won’t look as you imagined: Yes, babies are always cute. But don’t expect your child to look exactly like the framed photos. During the initial days after birth, a baby undergoes a lot of change in their appearance.

The whole debate of baby bath: To bathe or not to bathe – deciding on a baby bath will be an everyday chore. So, we are here to make the decision easier for you. Babies don’t get very dirty in the initial days so you can clean the baby with a sponge until the umbilical cord falls off. After that, 2-3 baths per week are enough to keep your baby clean.Babies cry a lot: A quiet newborn is a myth. Your baby will cry a lot. It will cry when hungry, when it wants to be held or needs to be changed. So prepare yourself, well ahead of time because your baby will start crying when you least expect it.

Expect a greenish-black surprise: Your baby will surprise you every day, especially with its first stool. In the initial days, babies pass a sticky greenish-black substance called meconium which contains materials like skin cells, mucus, amniotic fluid, bile, water, and lanugo. But don’t freak out and call your doctor, it’s normal.

A hungry baby is a healthy baby: Your baby has lived inside you for nine months and is used to having food quite frequently; so getting it used to a new food routine might take a while. A baby’s tiny stomach cannot hold as much food as its body needs, so feeding smaller portions at frequent intervals is the only way to go.

Tummy time is important: Most kids despise tummy time, but this exercise is essential for them and should not be skipped. Babies lie on their backs the entire day. So you need to make sure that they lie on their tummy for few minutes to build their upper body strength.

That was our list of things you need to know about your newborn, and we hope it will save you the struggle later. We wish you a fantastic motherhood!



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Things no one will tell you about pregnancy

While pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journeys, it can be overwhelming too. Nurturing a new life inside you is not an easy task, after all. You predict, plan and prepare yourself but your body changes during pregnancy in so many ways that you’re caught off guard.

So, we suggest you sit back and let us give you a heads up on what to expect when you’re expecting.


  1. Sore breasts: This is one of the earliest physical changes during pregnancy that will secretly creep up. Your breasts will feel tender, larger, and even painful at times. Since there’s nothing you can do about it, you might as well take your fancy dresses out for a treat because it is only going to get harder for you to fit into your old clothes.
  2. Bladder on loose: Apart from the monthly visits to your doctor, you should also get ready for unusually frequent trips to the bathroom. As the baby moves, you will feel occasional kicks to your bladder which will only make it worse! So, drink as much water as you can to stay hydrated. We hate to break it to you, but you might not always reach the ladies’ room on time.
  3. Fluid retention: Your body changes during pregnancy from inside out, and a grown belly is just one part of it. Your body starts retaining more fluid, which leads to swollen fingers, ankles, and legs, meaning a heart-wrenching goodbye to your favourite pair of shoes.
  4. Mood swings: During this time, you undergo a lot of physical as well as hormonal changes. And, it is because of the hormonal upsurge that women experience mood swings while they are pregnant. But don’t worry, the hormones adjusts back to normal after a point of time.
  5. Morning sickness: As if being extremely emotional wasn’t enough, you can count on morning sickness to make it worse. For a lot of women, it is like having a three-month-long hangover that no lemonade can fix.
  6. Flatulence: Like a lot of other bodily functions, you will lose control over it, but the good thing is, you will also get used to it.


So there you have our short list. But in spite all of it, your body will find some way or the other to surprise you. The best way to tackle this is to embrace these changes and the precious gift of motherhood.

Tips to take care of your skin & hair post pregnancy

Childbirth & pregnancy are some events that changes a woman’s life completely. While you make it a point to read up on every literature that talks about things to remember during pregnancy, there are a few things that goes neglected. Out of them, hair care and skincare are the major things that seem to be on the back burner. And rightly so. Who would have time for post pregnancy care such as grooming oneself when the baby becomes the centre of your universe? But we have some great pointers that will make you look your most beautiful, because feeling good is key to being the perfect mother.

  • During your pregnancy, your hormones enhance your hair growth, leaving you with lush locks that are glossy and voluminous. After delivery, your hormones tend to return to their normal state. This is when you may face quite a lot of hair fall, which may seem unnatural, but is completely normal. To help reduce hair fall, here is what you can do –
    • Eat healthy – There is nothing better than a healthy diet plan. Ensure anti-oxidant rich food such as apples, bananas, prunes, etc.
    • Keep your scalp & hair clean – Switch to a gentle cleansing or anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair clean, while preventing hair fall.
    • Avoid pulling & tying hair – While tying your hair, remember to not pull on your strands very tightly as it can induce hair loss.
    • Vitamin supplements – Your hair will need a helping hand, so consider taking supplements like Vitamin B & E regularly for fuller hair.
    • Chemical treatments – Steer clear from colouring your hair, post pregnancy, as this may lead to hair loss like never before.
  • You are sure to neglect your skin right after childbirth. Skin care should be on the top of your post pregnancy care Check out these tips which will help you bring back your natural glow.
    • In case you are suffering from acne, consider cleansing your face twice daily with a mild cleanser and always remember to put on a light-weight moisturiser after that.
    • While pigmentation should disappear within a year or two, you should simply stay indoors, away from the sun. If you have to go out, never forget to use a good sunscreen.
    • All those sleepless nights are bound to give you dark circles and puffy eyes. Drink plenty of water and take short naps. Use an under-eye cream to soothe your eyes.
    • In most cases, stretch marks should be avoided from the beginning. Use a moisturiser or oil rich in Vitamin E from the very beginning to prevent acute stretch marks, especially in your problem areas such as hips, breasts, belly and inner thighs.

Apart from these practices, always remember that the key to healthy skin and hair post pregnancy is to stay calm and stress-free. Enjoy the journey of being a mother!

Post Natal Care Tips

Bouncing back to health post pregnancy

Most pregnancy books talk about prenatal care – things to do while you are pregnant, how to take care of the unborn baby, etc. But o

Adequate rest

Sooner or later you will come to know that babies run on a different clock than adults. A typical new born wakes up almost every three hours, which is when it needs to be fed, changed and comforted. It is highly likely that sheer exhaustion can take over within a matter of weeks. Although a solid eight-hour sleep isn’t possible in the first few months, few suggestions can help you get more rest.

  • It is important for the mother to be relieved of all responsibilities other than taking care of the baby and herself.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is key to getting maximum rest during the day. You might sleep only few minutes every now and then, but they also add up.
  • At night, have your baby’s bed near yours. This will ensure that you do not have to walk into another room to feed your baby at night.
  • Go outside and enjoy the day for a while. You should also start walking and postpartum exercises as and when your doctor recommends.
  • Friends and family will soon start visiting for a glimpse of the new born. Being a new mother, do not feel obligated to entertain them & feel free to excuse yourself for a quick nap or feeding your baby.

Right nutrition

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes. The weight that you gained during pregnancy helps build stores for the recovery process, post-delivery. Whether you breastfeed or formula-feed your baby, it is extremely important that you take care of your diet. A proper exercise routine should also be part of your diet plan. Remember to plan simple & healthy meals that include items from all recommended food groups.

  • Grains – Food items that are made from wheat, barley, rice, oats, etc. are major grain products
  • Vegetables – Choose a variety of veggies for your meal. Make sure to include green leafy vegetables, legumes and starchy vegetables in your meal.
  • Fruits – Any fruit that is in season or 100% fruit juices should also be incorporated in your meal plan
  • Protein – While choosing proteins, it is wise to choose lean meats and poultry. You can also include nuts, fish, seeds, peas and beans to add variety.
  • Dairy – Choose fat-free or low-fat milk products in your diet that are high on calcium.

Always remember that is important to follow a healthy post pregnancy care routine. This will ensure that you are able to bounce back to health soon after the baby is born.

5 Ways for Perfect Hair During Pregnancy

Long, luscious hair is what every woman dreams of. Pregnancy on the other hand does have a tendency to leave a bit of negativity during this period. From hair falling out to weak locks, pregnancy can take its toll on your hair. But Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test, is here to turn the tables around.

Within this pregnancy guide for better hair, you will find some tips and tricks which could save you pulling your hair out quite literally.


Needless to say, we believe that you should stay away from all kinds of hair product that has chemicals in them. This means that you say a big NO-NO to hair colour, harmful conditioners, hair straightening lotion etc. The chemicals present in these hair products will leave your hair looking dull and weak.


Of course, following a pregnancy diet helps as well. You must remember that sticking to eating healthy food leads to longer, stronger hair irrespective of the fact that you may be pregnant. Make sure you have essential vitamins such as Vitamin E, C, B-Vitamins etc. for better growth and fuller looking hair.


One of the important things to consider during pregnancy care is to lead a stress-free life. Keeping your mind at ease, indulging in things that you love have a direct correlation with how your hair grows or weakens. Maintaining a calm head will positively affect your hair and your mood as well. Plus, it has a better impact on the growth of your baby as well.


We all love brushing our hair in the morning to get those nasty knots out and to untangle our hair. It’s just that some of us are a bit rough with our hair. Try and remember that during this time, your hair should be treated with extreme care unless you want to shed all over. Use a wide tooth comb or perhaps a soft brush with gentle bristles always.


Finally, you should stay away from chopping your hair off. We know that long locks can get frustrating at times and rather than taking care of it, chopping it off is the easier way out. Avoid doing this. If you feel the need, just head for a trim as this helps your hair maintain a steady growth rate and remain healthier.

We hope some of these tips and tricks will help you maintain a healthy head of hair and good-looking locks. There are a couple of pregnancy tips here that should help with your pregnancy diet as well.

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5 Foods to Avoid During your First Trimester

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of every woman’s life. There’s the happy feeling of a baby growing inside of you. A living being who will soon enter the world to shower you with loads of love and oodles of cuteness. Along with this, after you take the best pregnancy test, you also look forward to many other things.
The wonderful clothes you will wear, your glowing skin, your family doting over you but most of all the tasty food that you get to gorge on. We at Prega News know that this is an important phase but not every kind of food is advisable to eat at this point, thus we provide you with a few pointers to add to your pregnancy diet.


For those of you who prefer following a very rigorous pregnancy diet, we suggest you take a close look at what kind of healthy food you are eating. Stay away from raw veggies always. Boil them, sauté them but never eat them raw. Keep away from Tulsi or Basil leaves as these are extremely bad for your baby.


For all the fruit lovers out there, you’ll have to give up Pineapples and Papayas. However tasty they may be, they lead to uterine contractions which increase the chance of a miscarriage.


Pregnancy care is all about being careful and knowing what not to eat is vital especially in the case of meat lovers. Raw eggs and raw meat are out of the question when it comes to your diet. Medium cooked meat or raw meat can lead to brain disorder in your child. Liver is another meat you should completely avoid.


Fish are known to have a high mercury count in them. Avoid fish like Swordfish and Mackerel. The high mercury content may hamper brain development in your child. Sushi is a BIG No. Of course, well cooked fish is a welcome dish for your taste buds.


The final item you should avoid during your first trimester is certain kinds of cheese like soft cheese, blue cheese, brie and feta. Raw milk or unpasteurised milk is harmful for your child so avoid it at all costs. Apart from this, milk products are advised for you to enhance calcium levels in your body.
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7 Tips for Mommies to Keep Their Skin Young

Let’s get this out of the way – Pregnancy isn’t a joke. It takes a toll on expecting mothers and if you don’t follow the correct kind of pregnancy tips or read up about pregnancy care, you will have a tough time keeping up with the various changes that your body goes through leaving you tired, haggard and looking old.

We at Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test, understand how pregnancy can lead to your skin losing its youthful charm and glow, are here to give you the best tips to keep your skin looking bright and soft in the following pregnancy guide.



Everyone knows the benefits of water but for pregnant women, this is the life-saving liquid that can bring back youthfulness to your skin. It can also help slow down the process of aging so drink away.


One of the major ‘To-Dos’ for pregnancy care are to get a good night’s sleep. It helps your body relax and depletes stress leading to glowing skin. Pro Tip: Use a silk or satin pillow case for added comfort.


Exercise is another useful pregnancy tip that helps you tone your body, stay healthy and make your skin look pretty. Keep this up at least once a day and you will look younger – we promise.


Sugar is something that you should stay away from if you want to retain your youthfulness. Instead, have natural goods that have sugar content in them if you feel the urge.


Something that every pregnant woman should do is moisturize her skin before going to bed every day. Wash away the dirt from the day and moisturize your skin before hitting the sack each day for younger looking skin. But remember, here are some things you should avoid.


Another handy tip or rather beauty hack is to shape your eyebrows. These help you in retaining a neat look and add to the youth factor overall. Consult your beautician for the perfect look.


Lastly, always smile. Staying happy and smiling tends to keep you away from stress and it does have a positive impact on your lifestyle. If you tend to keep smiling, your youthfulness doesn’t fade away as fast in comparison to you being stressed all the time.
These pregnancy tips should help you keep your skin looking young and full of vigour. For more more about pregnancy and about pregnancy care, don’t forget to join us on our social channels on Facebook and Twitter.

7 New Mommy Mistakes That are Okay to Make

The best part of a woman’s life is when her little one enters this world and she becomes more than a woman – she becomes a mom. But ever so often mommies end up committing blunders that they many, including themselves, believe they shouldn’t. We at Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test kit are here to say that it is FINE to make these mistakes.

No pregnancy guide will tell you that you are wrong because everyone makes a mistake when it’s their first time being the best mommy in the world.


New mothers tend to get carried away with buying everything that’s available on this planet for their baby. From bottle warmers to 10 extra pacifiers and more. From the moment they look up a baby calendar, they begin a buying spree – this is fine because you never know when that extra pram might come in handy.


You are done with the pregnancy tips, the pregnancy diet and now you have your little one with you. Now the worrying starts – from checking their temperature ten times a day to calling the paediatrician every second, new mommies worry – this is fine because your motherly instincts are kicking in and it’s a good sign.


One ear in your bedroom and the other ear on your baby monitor. A new mommy is ready to jump up at the slight whimper from their baby. This is fine – it is one of the foremost steps of understanding why your baby cries and what makes them comfortable.


A new mommy never wants their baby out of their sight. They want the baby to be sticking to them always and never want to share. This is fine – after all he/she is ‘YOUR’ baby and you have all the right to be a bit sticky to them. Also babies love the attention.


You are bound to have countless diaper disaster. Forgetting to pack extras, putting them on backwards etc. This will happen and this is fine – Practice makes perfect and it’s okay to goof up. You weren’t born changing diapers – you were wearing them.


Every mom tries their level best to get their babies out of the habit of using pacifiers and this can be a hard task. They feel that this is their life’s duty. This is fine – No one is judging you because you are trying to be the perfect mom and it takes time.


Every mother starts of thinking that they are doing everything wrong. Putting on diapers, feeding your baby, buying toys etc – everything is a potential mistake to happen. This is fine once again because you are bound to make mistakes. It is from these mistakes that you will become the perfect mommy.

We hope that you loved this article and it will help you become the best mommy possible. For everything else related to pregnancy diet, pregnancy tips and more, you can connect with us on our social channels on Facebook and Twitter. See you there.

5 Things to Do Before You Go into Labour

Motherhood is a life-altering step for a woman and the stages to reach Motherhood more often than naught, are some of the most daunting ones. From sticking to a pregnancy diet to reading a pregnancy guide, a soon-to-be mom will have to be aware of her new arrival and prepare well in advance.
But you shouldn’t worry too much as Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test is ready to give you the best pregnancy tips which you should know before going into labour.


Perhaps the very first step that a woman can do is enrol for Pregnancy Childbirth classes. Search for qualified instructors where you can get the best knowledge regarding the arrival of your little one and how to cope with it. These classes often divulge information like breathing techniques and are great for letting off all that steam.


Breastfeeding will be an essential part of yours and your baby’s life in the initial stages. Brush up about all the vital steps you must take to keep your body healthy, the kind of pregnancy diet you should follow, regular exercise and more. It will help you ease into the process faster. For more info on some of the best breastfeeding positions, check here: https://preganews.com/5-best-breastfeeding-positions/


Before you go into labour, don’t forget to choose the perfect delivery options for you and your baby. Finding the doctor you trust, her knowledge about pregnancy, her qualifications and experience in the field all help in the long run. The next step is booking the ideal hospital, something which is close to your home, easily accessible and has great/quick response rate. Planning will only make life easier.


The hospital bag is something that is generally overlooked and mostly forgotten at home during labour. Make sure you have all the essentials ready and packed before the big day arrives. Here’s a great tip: Pack an extra bag and leave it in the car in case you leave the other one behind in a hurry.


You are all ready to deliver your baby but did you check for a good pediatrician for him/her? Don’t forget to consult doctors and take advice on choosing the best pediatrician for your bundle of joy. It makes a huge difference knowing that your baby’s health is in good hands.
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