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One Step Urine HCG Pregnancy Test

About the Product
A pregnancy detection card that can be easily used at home to get results in just 5 minutes.


How To Use

Read full details and instructions before taking test, click here.

how to use pregnancy test kit

Collect morning first urine in a container.

Put 3 drops of urine into sample well (present on detection card) with the help of a dropper.

Read the results within 5minutes


  • Two Pink Lines appear in the Easy Read Result Window.

    We know you want to confirm the news as soon as possible but, being patient is the right way to go about it.
    For instance

    - If you get a light pink line on T: It means that the pregnancy hormone (hCG) is not in required amount. In this case, you should retest with early morning urine.

    - If you took the test too early in your cycle: You should ideally take the test within 7 days from the date of your missed period so that pregnancy hormone (hCG) can be detected.

    - If you receive another negative result: If your period still hasn’t started then, we advise you call your healthcare professional.

not pregnant

  • Only One Pink Line appears in the Easy Read Result Window.

Still have some doubts?

Let this video explain the whole process in detail.